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    Mons Meg

    This magnificent siege cannon dates from 1449, when Philip III Duke of Bergundy had it built in Flanders. In 1457 Philip presented the cannon to his niece's husband, King James II.

    In 1558 the gun was fired in celebration of the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots and it's 150kg (330lb) shot was found 2 miles away ! The last time she was fired was on October 14 1681 on the birthday of the Duke of Albany, her barrel spectacularly burst open and she was abandoned outside the castle gates for many years.

    Mons Meg now sits on display in front of St Mary's Chapel for all to admire.

    Written by Shaun Flanagan

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    Mons Meg arrived at Edinburgh Castle in 1457
    Mons Meg
    Mons Meg Today