• 900BC - 1130AD

  • 1296 - 1371

  • 1457 - 1573

  • 1574 - 1660

  • 1757 - 1845

  • 1914 - Present

  • Castle Rock

  • The Lang Siege

  • Mons Meg

  • Military Tattoo
  • Edinburgh Castle History

    1757 up to 1814

    During this time the castle is used to hold thousands of prisoners of war. The POWs came from several different conflicts over the years, including ; The Seven Years' War (1756-1763), The American War of Independence (1775-1783), the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815).

    1796 to 1799

    The new Barracks are constructed at the castle, a substantantial structure taking three years to complete, and still standing today.


    49 prisoners of war escape from the castle vaults thru a hole in the southern wall. Largely due to this event the castle ceased to be used as a prison from 1814.


    The Honours of Scotland are rediscovered by the novelist Sir Walter Scott after he breaks into the old Crown Room. They are put on display for the public at a charge of one shilling.


    George IV becomes the first reigning monarch to visit the castle since 1651.


    The huge siege cannon Mons Meg is returned to London.


    St Margarets chapel is re-established after being used over the previous years as a storehouse.

    Written by Shaun Flanagan

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