• 900BC - 1130AD

  • 1296 - 1371

  • 1457 - 1573

  • 1574 - 1660

  • 1757 - 1845

  • 1914 - Present

  • Castle Rock

  • The Lang Siege

  • Mons Meg

  • Military Tattoo
  • Edinburgh Castle History


    The giant cannon Mons Meg is given to James II by his wife's uncle Duke Philip of Bergundy. It arrives in Leith by ship and is lead to the castle by a grand precession.


    Construction of The Great Hall is completed under James IV. Amazingly the original timber hammerbeam roof is still in use and can be seen at the castle today. It is one of only two medieval roofs left in Scotland.

    1494 up to 1540

    In 1494 the Sceptre of Scotland is presented to King James IV by Pope Alexander VI, the Sword of State is given to King James IV by Pope Julius II in 1507. The Honours of Scotland as they are known now become complete in 1540 when the Crown is refashioned by Edinburgh goldsmith John Mosman for James V.


    In a small room within the castle, Mary Queen of Scots gives birth to her only child, who would later become King James VI of Scotland and I of England.

    1571 up to 1573

    In May 1571 began The ‘Lang Siege’, which lasts for two years and results in the destruction of David’s Tower.

    Written by Shaun Flanagan

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    Mons Meg arrived at Edinburgh Castle in 1457
    Edinburgh Castle's Great Hall
    The Honours of Scotland
    Mary Queen of Scots gave birth in Edinburgh Castle