• 900BC - 1130AD

  • 1296 - 1371

  • 1457 - 1573

  • 1574 - 1660

  • 1757 - 1845

  • 1914 - Present

  • Castle Rock

  • The Lang Siege

  • Mons Meg

  • Military Tattoo
  • Edinburgh Castle History

    The Castle Rock

    The dominating rock on which Edinburgh castle stands is around 340 million years old, the product of a long extinct volcano.

    Castle rock towers 120m (390ft) above sea level and has provided a natural defence ever since first habitation around 900BC.

    On three sides the castle is protected by shear cliffs some 80m high, while this is outstanding as a defence feature, it becomes problematic when attempting to get water to occupants in a siege situation. This was illustrated fully in 1573 when the garrison ran out of water during The Lang Siege.

    Written by Shaun Flanagan

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    Edinburgh Castle Rock in 1544