• 900BC - 1130AD

  • 1296 - 1371

  • 1457 - 1573

  • 1574 - 1660

  • 1757 - 1845

  • 1914 - Present

  • Castle Rock

  • The Lang Siege

  • Mons Meg

  • Military Tattoo
  • Edinburgh Castle History


    Edward I of England captures the castle after a three-day siege and holds it for the next 18 years. The garrison under English control was at its height over 300 strong.


    A surprise attack on the castle in March 1314 brings it back under Scottish control. Only 30 men were used in the recapture, under the leadership of Thomas Randolph - First earl of Moray, they scaled the castle wall and took the defenders completely by suprise. The castle was dismantled and was to lay in ruins for the next two decades.


    Edward III invades Scotland, the English once again occupy and refortify the castle.


    A cunning plan by William Douglas - First earl of Douglas results in the castles recapture by the Scots. William's men disguised as merchants with garrison supplies kill all 100 English defenders in the castle.


    David II (Son of Robert the Bruce) rebuilds and strengthens the castle. David’s Tower is built in his name, but David dies before it is completed.


    David II dies in the castle, David's tower was finished later that decade by order of his successor Robert II.

    Written by Shaun Flanagan

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    King Edward I captured Edinburgh Castle in 1296
    King Edward III captured Edinburgh Castle in 1334