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    Originally known as ‘T on the Fringe’, The Edinburgh Edge is a music festival which has been running in its current incarnation since 2008.
    'T on the Fringe' began in the year 2000 but was scrapped by the giant brand after eight successful years. 2006 was the most successful with over 100,000 tickets bought by visitors who saw 134 artists.

    The re-branded festival promises to carry on where 'T on The Fringe' left off, providing gigs featuring new, established, home-grown and international talent.

    Some of the acts which have featured under the umbrella’s of ‘T on The Fringe’ and ‘The Edge’ ;
    Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand, Morrissey, Radiohead, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, and The Pixies.


    Official Edinburgh Edge Festival website

    Written by Shaun Flanagan

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    Edinburgh Edge Festival