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    The Old Town of Edinburgh stretches from the gates of Edinburgh Castle, down the length of the Royal Mile, and outwards from that cobbled ‘spine’.

    The narrow ‘closes’ or ‘wynds’ which  emanate from the Royal Mile give this part of Edinburgh it’s character and have existed, along with much of the Old Town of today, since medieval times.

    In the 16th century, the area was dominated by high-rise buildings stretching up to 14 stories high. One such construction ended in disaster when the building collapsed and there is a plaque in its place on the Royal Mile commemorating the victims.

    This part of Edinburgh is not only famous for the castle, but also for Edinburgh’s ‘Underground City’, a series of vaults which were mainly inhabited by Irish immigrants during the industrial revolution. The most famous of these recently excavated areas is ‘Mary Kings Close’ which attracts and enthrals visitors from around the globe. The royal Mile is probably the most convenient location for overseas visitors to seek a place to stay for the night. The Royal Mile and the surrounding area is also a gret place to find fine bars and restaurants.

    The Scottish parliament and Holyrood Palace are also located in Edinburgh’s Old Town, along with Edinburgh University, The Royal Museum of Scotland and the ‘Dynamic Earth’ visitor attraction.

    Written by Shaun Flanagan

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