• 900BC - 1130AD

  • 1296 - 1371

  • 1457 - 1573

  • 1574 - 1660

  • 1757 - 1845

  • 1914 - Present

  • Castle Rock

  • The Lang Siege

  • Mons Meg

  • Military Tattoo
  • Edinburgh Castle History

    Circa 900BC

    Archaeological excavations of the area provide evidence for bronze age human settlement on the castle rock. The excavations paint a picture of several large roundhouses scattered around the area on which the castle was later built.

    Circa 600AD

    A tribe of warriors known to the Romans as 'Gododdin' make mention of "Din Eidyn" - 'Stronghold of Eidyn' in historical records. No-one knows who or what 'Eidyn' was but the title is thought to refer to the castle rock.


    The English, or 'Angles' capture Din Eidyn after a battle with the Gododdin in Yorkshire. They rename it Edinburgh, the city has kept this English name ever since.


    In November this year, Malcolm III and his eldest son are killed in battle near Alnwick. Upon hearing the news Queen Margaret of Scotland becomes bed riden in the castle and later dies there. At this time the castle is known as 'The Castle of Maidens'.

    Circa 1130

    The castle becomes a more significant structure at the hands of David I. Although mainly built of timber, St Margarets chapel was built of stone and still stands today. The chapel was named after David's mother Queen Margaret, who was canonised after her death.

    Written by Shaun Flanagan

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