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If you are looking for a specific hotel in Edinburgh you will find details here.

This page covers The MacDonald Holyrood - The Murrayfield Hotel.

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81 Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh, EH8 8AU
Tel: 0131-550 4500
macdonald hotel, Edinburgh, EH2 4HG
Tel: 0131-240 5500
1-4 Tower Pl, Edinburgh, EH6 7DB
Tel: 0131-468 5000
6 Links Gardens, Edinburgh, EH6 7JH
Tel: 0131-553 1111
3 Rothesay Terr, Edinburgh, EH3 7RY
Tel: 0131-225 5084
2-3 Hermitage Pl, Edinburgh, EH6 8AF
Tel: 0131-554 5045
16-18 Minto St, Edinburgh, EH9 1RQ
Tel: 0131-668 1234
Princes St, Edinburgh, EH2 2DG
Tel: 0131-225 7161
108 Broomfield Cr, Edinburgh, EH12 7LX
Tel: 0131-477 3339
18 Corstorphine Rd, Edinburgh, EH12 6HN
Tel: 0131-337 1844
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